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Our service in the world

Surgel Company is a reference point for all BARS, PUBS, RESTAURANTS, PIZZERIAS and WHOLESALERS OF FOOD that are looking for a supplier with high-quality products and new proposal.

A catalogue with hundreds of products for breakfast, for the happy hour, for the lunch and for special events like parties and so on; Surgel Company is one of the most well-provided supplier of frozen food, fresh food and room temperature food.

The richness of the choice together with the quality of the products is one of the most important strength point of the company.
Surgel Company offers its "sell and delivery" service of food products to bars, pubs, restaurants, pizzerias and wholesalers all around Europe and in the World.
Why choose Surgel Company as a trusty supplier?
  • Big choice and unlimited products to suggest to your customers;
  • No commitment to buy substantial quantity of goods;
  • Decrease of the warehouse costs: more than 1000 food products by 70 different producers, every day available with a minimum purchase of one pallet;
  • Best management of product’s shelf-life;
  • Possibility to make direct orders with competitive prices, promotions and daily news;
  • Products-Research service in Italy (if not available in our assortment).
Are you a Bar, a Pub, a Pizzeria or a food wholesaler?
Are you looking for a supplier with high-quality products who can give you also ideas to have your bar full of people?
Call the +39 (0)322 836428+ or send us an e-mail to to receive more information. Ask for the password to have a look at our Products-Catalogue and receive an offer with our prices.
Who's Surgel Company?
Surgel Company is a company managed by Pederiva Family. A big team that every day works with diligence to bring customers to the success.

Since 1988, Surgel Company has one aim: help all bars, pubs, restaurants to have success, throughout the supply of high-quality products and high-value services like, for example, the sharing of ideas and suggestions to have bars every day full of people.

The company is in Borgomanero – Novara – 45 minutes by car from Milan; today the company assists more than 3.000 customers weekly.
Do you want to bring your pub or bar
to the success?
Discover our service in the world.
1000 products and ideas for your business!
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